It was all a dream, and it started with a bottle of moonshine. Before the little distillery in Spring Valley, long before the barrel warehouse, and way before the restaurant, Liberty Call was just a dream to our founders. A dream that their passion for creating spirits they liked to drink, could be shared with everyone. This was all realized back in 2013 when our distillery was established. And these are our spirits we'd like to share.

Our Spirits

The cocktail revolution is alive and well in beautiful San Diego, a city perched near west coast waters and thriving with a passion for sport sailing, deep sea fishing, diving, and of course good time merriment. As premiere distillers, Liberty Call Distilling is master crafting spirits locally using quality ingredients indigenous to sunny California. Spirit lovers yearn for distinguished tastes that stand out from the rest and we have answered the call.


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We all begin somewhere. From late night, whiskey inspired dreams, to our first distillery and beyond. We are proud of our humble beginnings, and to be a leader in California's growing distillery scene.

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