Our cocktail program is under the direction of Albert Allison who believes in layering flavors to allow a base spirit to truly shine all while adding a slight twist of creativity. Gathering upon years of personal research and international travel, he creates our menu with a similar focus to Chef Miguel’s food – local and seasonal. All of our Low ABV Draft Cocktails and Seasonal Craft Cocktails start with a Liberty Call Distilling spirit and incorporate another house made ingredients, everything from simple syrups and tinctures to shrubs and bitters. The menu will rotate with the seasons so be sure to stop by frequently to check out another fantastic libation! Don’t see any one particular cocktail that suits your fancy, order an I’ve Got Your Six Four Two and allow one of our bar staff to create a unique cocktail adjusted to your specific desire.

Barrel Aged Cocktails

Continuous Flavor Enhancement

The laws of creating whiskey in the United States call for only New American oak as part of the recipe for making bourbon. With so many ‘gently-used’ barrels available at our manufacturing facility, our goal is to literally put anything and everything imaginable in a barrel, age it like a whiskey, and see what happens. The journey of a barrel selected for this program is one of a kind. For example, maybe the barrel was sent to a local craft brewery and filled once or twice before returned to us. Maybe we take that same barrel and put maple syrup or hot sauce in it before a cocktail. Who knows what great possibilities and flavors exist, we are dedicated to pushing the barrel aged mantra forward and encourage you to give us ideas. Especially if you work in the local craft beer, wine, cider or spirits industry. Let’s collaborate! Embedded deep within the culture at Liberty Call Distilling is a sense of serving others in our community. We dedicate a portion of proceeds from each of our Barrel Aged cocktails to local San Diego Charities. If you’re apart of a great non-profit organization, please come in and speak with us about how Liberty Call Distilling can partner with you to create a long term and mutually beneficial relationship.



Actually Craft Cocktails

Made With Our Very Own Craft Spirits

If you’ve ever been to a bar or restaurant that has a “craft” cocktail menu, we ask that you take a pause to think about what actually makes it “craft”. There are some amazing bartenders in San Diego making insanely delicious cocktails, but let’s be honest, unless they are using a craft spirit (and not a mass produced spirit) is it really considered a “craft” cocktail? We want to you to be the judge of our Seasonal Craft Cocktail menu, predominantly using Liberty Call Distilling spirits alongside a few of our fellow San Diego Distiller’s Guild friends. We are just one local craft distillery of about 20 here in San Diego County and highly encourage you to visit each and every one of them to get a real craft cocktail.

Better Than Hard Seltzers

Not From a Can

Our “Better Than Hard Seltzer” selections are truly what makes the Liberty Call Distilling cocktail program unique. We would like to clearly define a Low ABV Draft Cocktail as a drink for those who are looking for something refreshing, yet full flavored, without any artificial extracts or flavoring agents. We accomplish this task but using alkaline water (think higher PH than tap water) which acts as a natural preservative especially when combined with seasonal fruit and various sugar blends (pure cane, demerara, raw honey, agave nectar, etc). Theses cocktails are lightly carbonated and served via our draft cocktail system, made weekly in 5 gallon batches. We notice the hard seltzer marketing focuses on the health and wellness but we believe they should focus on all natural flavor, without using a malted beer base and artificial flavoring agents. We dispel all rumors by using Liberty Call Distilling spirits in all our Low ABV Draft cocktails to ensure our customers receive a truly original taste that cannot be matched by any hard seltzer!

Hard Seltzers Better than